A brand-new hunting product called TROPHY SHOT is a passive device that eliminates eye relief and also helps hunters that have eye dominance problems.

The TrophyShot displays on an LCD screen exactly what you would see if you were looking through a scope yourself.By attaching this device to any standard 1in or 30mm tube rifle scope, any type of hunter can now see clearly what they are about to shoot. The Trophy Shot can also see through electronic devices such as “red dot”, “night vision”, and “infrared”.Not only does the Trophy shot aide in eye-relief but also allows a hunter to record their events. Get your own deer picture or any other wildlife picture right through the crosshairs of your favorite scope. Wildlife Optics currently has miscellaneous hunts recorded by amateur filmers on video in their Video Archive. You can see hunting videosonline. They will continue to add more deer hunting videos and turkey hunting videos soon. The TrophyShot is also great for varmit and predator hunting as well.Wildlife Optics took their product, “Trophy Shot” to the “Shot Show” in Las Vegas during February 2002 & won the coveted “Dealers Choice – Best New Product” award. During the 2003-2004 hunting season, look for the “Trophy Shot” in all major hunting and gun related magazines as well as on the outdoor channels and in your local hunting / sporting goods retailer. Watch this company grow over the next few years as they offer high-end hunting products & accessories at a more competetive pricing structure than others in the industry. Owning one of the early models this company produces will have it’s bragging rights in years to come.We trust you will enjoy the slide show of our many friends, family and customers that use our product. We are truly honored to be able to help so many folks, please feel free to ask any question you may have or ask for a demonstration of our product. To the right you will find other pictures and links to others that give testimony after testimony about how Trophy Shot has added to their hunting experience!

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