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“A Video Camera for your Gun Scope”
by: Mike Lane

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My father was born and raised in Kentwood and then moved to Baton Rouge with his new wife shortly after returning from the service in the Korean conflict. He was raised in a time where hunting was focused on harvesting food for the dinner table and not for the pure joy of it. It was also a time of hard economic conditions so it was expected of him to harvest as much game as possible with as few shells as possible. This upbringing lent itself to my father becoming an excellent shot and in his early days he rarely, if ever, took more than one shot to harvest a deer. My father has worn eyeglasses all of his life and as he grew older he had an increasingly hard time getting good eye relief through his scope. I was unaware of his growing troubles until the year the Wildlife and Fisheries Department in Mississippi decided to try a new approach to managing the deer herd under their control.

In the early 1990’s the Wildlife and Fisheries Department for the State of Mississippi, where my father and I hunted together, decided that the whitetail doe herd needed to be thinned out. The agencies plan was to allow hunters to harvest one doe per day for the entire season. My father and I hunted in a private lease inside of the Sandy Creek Wildlife Management Area and there definitely was an excess of does in our area.

The first day he shot early in the morning and when I approached his stand after the hunt and asked him what he shot, he replied, “It was a doe and I shot it in the biggest part of the body.” What that statement translated into was actually, “I gut shot the deer.” After three long hours of tracking the deer we finally found it where it had hid in a briar patch. On the second morning, shortly after daylight, I heard him shoot again and when I approached him this time he said, “It was a huge doe and I think I made a real good shot, maybe.” What that statement actually meant was, “I hope it was better than yesterday’s shot.” After a real frustrating 6 hour tracking ordeal we found the large doe, which was gut shot. On the third morning about 8 o’clock I heard him shoot again. Dreading what he might say this time I instead asked him where the deer was standing. His reply was, “I think he was out there about a hundred yards or so.” Well, to say I had a feeling I was about to go on my third tracking safari on as many days would be an understatement. It took about thirty minutes to find where the deer was standing when he shot it and another two and one-half hours to finally find the expired doe. Another gut shot!

When we where skinning the doe back at camp, I asked my father why he was shooting the deer in the midsection. He told me that in the last year he had a real hard time getting a good sight picture through his scope and that he thought he needed to shoot at the largest part of the deer so he would be sure to hit it. My comment back to him was that with all of the available technology that exists in the marketplace someone should invent a device that would aid people who had difficulty in sighting a firearm utilizing a scope as a sighting aid. This was the birth of the idea that eventually became the TrophyShot®. I simply wanted to try and give him back the quality of the hunt he has enjoyed for so many years.

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The TrophyShot® is a device that uses a CCD board camera to capture the image that a person’s eye would normally see through a scope and converts that image into a color 2 1/2″ LCD video screen. I believe that the TrophyShot® will be a great aid to many different groups of hunters which will be able to literally measure their success by using the unit. It will enhance the shooters capabilities to make consistently better shots that will result in the harvesting of more animals. It will also give a hunter the option of not shooting the targeted animal and letting it live to grow larger. The filming capabilities of the TrophyShot® will give hunters the ability to instantly review the recorded video tape and see if the crosshairs were in the proper position when the shot occurred. This will also be able to tell the hunter if the animal was hit in a vital area so they will not give up on tracking the animal if the blood trail runs out during the tracking process. We know shooters will find the method of using two eyes to acquire eye relief instead of one eye is more efficient, which will result in better shot positioning and quicker target reacquisition.

Wildlife Optics is currently building its name recognition in the hunting and shooting market. We have gained national recognition by winning a, Dealers Choice, “Best of Show Award”, for the TrophyShot® at the 2002 Shot Show convention that was held in Las Vegas in February. This is the premier outdoor and hunting tradeshow in the United States. This honor earned us an article in the national gun magazine, GUNS AND AMMO in their May issue. (Page 14)

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Wildlife Optics has identified several market segments that are going to be the end users of our product. They represent a diverse group of hunters and shooters who all have very different reasons for using the TrophyShot®.

Basic scope design requires that you get your eye within three to three and one-half inches away from the eyepiece to be able to properly get a full field of view through the scope. This is a problem for many people for many different reasons. I will name several groups of people that our TrophyShot® devices will help to achieve a more satisfying and successful hunting experience and then discuss each group specifically. Potential users are:

  • · People who wear eyeglasses
    • · Eye Safety
    • · Youth and new hunters
    • · Handicapped individuals
    • · Target shooters
    • · Conservationist
    • · Video (experts and novice)
    • · Military personnel & SWAT teams

People who wear eyeglasses

One problem that is very prevalent in today’s hunting environment occurs when people who wear eyeglasses attempt to line up a target through a hunting scope. Throughout the history of scopes people who wear eyeglasses have never been able to achieve a sight picture as easily as a person who does not wear eyeglasses. One of the advantages the Trophy Shot device offers is the basic elimination of eye relief, which changes the field of view from the normal three and one-half inches to four feet. The eye relief effect of the Trophy Shot is so substantial that it will literally change the way that hunters have had to position their cheeks on the stock just to achieve sufficient eye relief. Our device allows for two-eye shooting which increases both field of vision and target reacquisition after discharging the first shot.

Eye safety

One safety problem that we have identified here at Wildlife Optics is the problem of “scope butt.” This is where a person is shooting a scoped firearm and accidentally gets their face too

Potentially severe accident from scope contact with face/head area

Potentially severe accident from scope contact with face/head area

close to the scope. The recoil of the firearm drives the scope into a person’s eye, nose or forehead causing, in some cases, severe cuts. This type of accident is especially prone to happen with young or inexperienced hunters. I have attached a picture that show it does also happen with experienced hunters (this hunter has been hunting for 28 years). Even though this hunter is highly experienced, the right set of circumstances happened to cause a bad accident.



Youth and New Hunters

Young people and new hunters will be able to use the TrophyShot® as a sighting aid for a higher quality sighting alignment. The largest benefit of the TrophyShot® is the LCD screen and its increased viewing area, which allows interaction between two or more people. This benefit will lead to better shots. The device will also lead to an increase in the ability to teach conservation practices because you no longer have to harvest the animal but instead you can now “take” the animal on video.

Any adult, who is interested in taking a young person out hunting or just shooting, now has the ability with the Trophy Shot to take them with confidence in their ability to make a high quality shot. The adult can sit behind the young person and see exactly what the hunter is looking at. With this ability the adult can now relay crosshair adjustment instructions and tell the person exactly when to take a shot at the animal. At the same time the adult is able to film the encounter with the animal and make a decision if they even want to take a shot or simply just add this new footage to their library of past hunting experiences.

Physically Challenged Individuals

The applications of the TrophyShot® as it applies to the handicapped individual are numerous. People who have lost their eyesight in one eye are potential users. The TrophyShot® will greatly increase field of view and overcome dominant eye problems that have come about by accidents, birth limitations or illnesses. Wheelchair bound individuals who can not physically get their eye into a position to be able to see through a conventional scope can now use the TrophyShot® to hunt due to the range of vision now available with the LCD screen system. Last year there were over 300,000 handicapped individuals who purchased big game hunting license in the United States. We feel that this number is significantly higher due to those who want to hunt with a rifle but cannot due to physical limitations. The TrophyShot® will give this possibility to them.

Target shooters

There are many shooting clubs in the United States that will be able to utilize the benefits of the TrophyShot® in their practice time at their local ranges. By filming the shots that they take, the individual shooter can replay the footage and determine what type of technical errors he or she is making during the shot. This will allow them to make corrections to improve their performance. They will also be able to take this footage to any individual that they deem necessary and receive tips to help them correct their shooting problems. There are many dollars spent every year on competitive shooting and the TrophyShot® will help a large number of them improve their competitive experiences.


The TrophyShot® will be a great aid to conservationists because when using it to film animals in the wild you can have a successful encounter with any animal. By acquiring video footage and letting the animals live they can live to grow larger and provide future hunting experiences to you or someone else. By filming an animal the hunter still has the experience of an animal encounter in the wild but can also use the video footage to brag about his hunt and show it off to his fellow hunters. This video footage can be enjoyed many times in the future and added to other hunting segments that they have filmed to make a full-length video of many years of hunting experiences. This will have a positive effect on the population of animals in your hunting area and lead to a herd with better gene pools and higher quality animals that can be harvested at a later date.

Video (experts and novice)

The TrophyShot® will advance the abilities of the average hunters to film their outdoor adventures at a level that has yet to be explored. For hunters who are serious about shot placement and quick, efficient game recovery, the TrophyShot® will prove to be a tool that will soon become a standard in hunting. The TrophyShot® will allow hunters to shoot as much video as they desire and it also gives them the option to harvest the animal or let it grow.

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Many hunters have been carrying video cameras with them for years but they had to choose whether they wanted to harvest the animal or to film it. Now with the TrophyShot®, a hunter has the ability to both film and to harvest the animal at the same time. This will give the hunter the option to make a trophy out of one of the video frames that best captures the image of the hunt that he wants. Professional video photographers and outdoor show host will use the TrophyShot® to show exactly what their hunting guest are seeing when they look through the scope. This will add a new dimension to the outdoor productions that was unavailable in the industry until now.

Military personnel and SWAT teams

Military operations and SWAT teams will benefit from the optical designs that are now in development by our company. A future model that is currently under development will be a device similar to the hunting models except it will have a radio signal based sending unit that will relay the sight picture that the marksman is seeing to a command center. This ability will give the commanding officer at the scene the time and information to decide whether to take a shot at the hostile or to wait for a better time. The sight picture that is relayed to the command center can be used for identification purposes also. This unit will give the command center the ability to record the event for future training and backup for hard-line decisions that sometimes have to be made in these life or death situations. This will also relieve the marksman from having to make the shot call on his own and defending his decision at some later time.

Here are two recent testimonials to the use and ability of the Trophy Shot.



Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I finally got to try out my TrophyShot® ….I recently got my .375 Rem. Ultra Mag. back from having it customized, heavy bull bbl. & Tactical stock …the scope on this rifle has a 1” tube so I was good to go there …I brought my whole setup to a machine gun shoot and got lots of attention and inquiries …they had me start a volley by shooting a single stick of dynamite they had on a grade steak down range about 100 yds. nailed it first shot…at the end of the volley there was a stick left on the ground that fell off the steak nobody seemed to be able to hit …a range officer pointed it out and I nailed that one too …one shot …all using the TrophyShot® …no problem’s …we had it mounted on the left side of the scope at the 9 O’clock position to expose the elevation adjustment and it worked slick….incase anyone wants to use it on a scope with tall target turrets … Mike



Now you can say it’s been tested by use w/the 50BMG bolt action rifle after shooting all day, about 40 rounds firing 690gr AP projectiles …a real pounding …the only thing that bothered was the TrophyShot® moved backward on the mounting rail closing the eye relief gap because of the punishing recoil …had to adjust every couple of shots but the camera performed flawlessly ….Will be hunting and videoing




The TrophyShot®® is a device that uses a CCD board camera to capture the image that a person’s eye would normally see through a scope and converts that image into a color 2 1/2″ LCD screen. It utilizes a Lithium-Ion battery that is rechargeable using either A/C current or D/C current with a cigarette lighter plug-in cord. This battery will operate the TrophyShot®® for 480 continuous minutes. It takes 90 minutes to charge the battery to full capacity with either the A/C or D/C battery charger. It comes with 1″ scope ring and mounting rails and the entire package will come in a hard shell protective carrying case. Included in the packaging will be a warranty card with the unit serial number attached and an instruction sheet for installation and maintenance of the unit.

For more information on Wildlife Optics and the TrophyShot® you can visit our website at: or e-mail me at You will find video’s we have filmed when harvesting a variety of animals through the TrophyShot® as well as still pictures we have taken off of our video footage. We have a toll free number: 1-225-445-6999 that you can call if you would like more information.

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