Testimonial 2007

Subject: another unit
Date: 10/29/2007 11:02:27 A.M. Central Standard Time
From: martyb@ext.msstate.edu
To: rhope@wildlifeoptics.com

Hi Ricky:

I hope all is well with you.  We have made great use of the Trophy Shot this fall and would like to order an additional unit if still available.  Also would like an extra rail.  Please let me know if I need to submit and official order.  I can provide a credit card for your convenience.

I’ve attached a couple of photos of the Trophy Shot in action with Catch-A-Dream children this fall.  ABSOLUTELY invaluable!


Martin W. Brunson, Ph.D.
Extension Professor/Catch-A-Dream Foundation
PO Box 6280
Mississippi State, MS  39762
662-325-1701 (phone)
662-325-5870 (fax)

Catch the Vision at http://www.catchadream.org
” A Program For Youth with Precious Little Time to Lose”

Dr. Brunson and Sadie from Nevada

Dr. Brunson and Sadie from Nevada

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