Testimonials 2006

Subject: Charlie Williams
Date: 12/15/2006 8:46:17 A.M. Central Standard Time
From: amelancon74@yahoo.com
To: rhope@wildlifeoptics.com
Dear Ricky Hope,

Re: Trophy Shot

My name is Charlie Williams and this is my story.  I am 41 years old now and I’ve been deer hunting as far back as I can remember.  On December 1, 1990, after spending 4 years in the Marines, I lost total eyesight in an offshore accident.  Both of my optic nerves were severed and left me totally blind.  At first I thought I’d never hunt again.  In 2005 I was introduced to the Trophy Shot and I thought I’d give it a try.  I now have to hunt with a sighted person, but that’s ok.  I’ve harvested 3 deer with the Trophy Shot and I am very satisfied with the product.  I couldn’t think of a safer way for a blind person, or anyone with a disability, to hunt.  I plan to mount the Trophy Shot to a shotgun in the Spring and give turkey hunting a try.  Thank you for allowing me to continue to hunt.  Attached is a picture of my first buck since my accident.  It was shot in November 2006.

Sincerely Yours,

Charlie Williams

New Iberia, LA.

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